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headshot of Paula Canty

Making Dreams Come True

Paula had always wanted to be a nurse, but she couldn’t afford to take a CNA class to get started in the medical field. read full story

headshot of Trish Purcell

The First Step Toward a Dream

Trish, the mother of 2 children with one on the way, was on parole for drug charges. She took a big step toward get her life back together by coming to Goodwill's Next Gen program and completing her GED. read full story

headshot of Kelvin Swisher

A Veteran’s Second Chance

Kelvin, an Army veteran, openly acknowledges the destructive behavior and bad choices that led to 27 years of drug addiction and multiple incarcerations. Kelvin has now been clean for over 20 years. read full story

headshot of Tumibu Doughit

Down in the Trenches Together

Timibu is a veteran of the United States Navy who served following the Desert Storm conflict. Timibu learned that his mission is supporting veterans who did not experience combat during Desert Storm. read full story

headshot of Terry Leak

A Good Coach and Mentor

Terry, a single dad with three children, wanted to learn a skilled trade to provide a better life for his family. His goals led him to Goodwill’s Prosperity Center where he learned about opportunities to take Skills Training classes. read full story

headshot of Edward Ruschman

Beginning a New Chapter

Edward has a lot in common with the books he sorts at Goodwill. His life has been an adventure with many interesting stories. Edward has served in the military and owned his own business. read full story

headshot of David Lunsford

David’s Right Fit: The Community Access Program

With the goal of finding the ideal place for David to thrive, his parents enrolled him in Goodwill’s Community Access Program. It was a win-win situation for David and his parents. read full story

headshot of Demetrius Strickland

The Original Goodwill Ambassador

In some circles, Demetrius goes by “Mr. Tea” because he can brew you some good ol’ Southern sweet tea! He is also a leader, has started a non-profit organization and is the original Goodwill Ambassador. read full story

headshot of Freeman Moore

Getting His Life Back

As he walks, he encounters a man who looks lost, so Freeman points the man in the right direction and waits until he reaches the room he was searching for. Freeman continues toward his destination, thinking he once found himself in this same hallw... read full story

headshot of Laura Williams

Serving with Passion

Laura came to Goodwill through Career Connections. She began working as a cashier and described her experience this way: “It makes a world of difference when you can personalize the customer’s experience and feel good about it, as opposed to, I’m ... read full story

The Ability to be Creative at Heart

Community Access is a day program for individuals who have diverse developmental abilities – like Jean. Community Access participants feel enriched by each individual; and Jean is no exception. read full story

headshot of Timothy Tuttle

Fast-Tracked to Meaningful Employment

Timothy, a father of four, started working with Goodwill’s Project Re-entry Program while he was still incarcerated. Upon release from prison, Timothy attended a Job Fair and was hired on the spot as a Machine Operator. Timothy is now employed as ... read full story

headshot of Miranda Miller

An Attitude for Thriving

With help from Goodwill‘s Career Connections Center in Davidson County, Miranda now has the discipline to do well in a job she loves. She has applied that discipline to her personal life and has lost over 100 pounds! read full story

headshot of Erica Trail

In a Position to Pass it Forward

When Erica’s husband was incarcerated, she quit her job to take care of her critically ill father-in-law, as well as her two young children. read full story

headshot of Kiandra Hardaway

From Career Connections to Potential Entrepreneur

Kiandra, a young single mom, was trying to finish high school and hold down a job. Goodwill’s Career Connections Center in Lexington helped her apply to receive services from Work First. read full story

headshot of Jeremy Dowell

The Ability to Land a Dream Job

When Jeremy’s disability benefits were about to run out, he sought help from Goodwill’s Ability Services. Because of his stuttering problem, Jeremy was intimidated by job interviews. Goodwill helped him land a part-time job as a Veterinary Medical... read full story

headshot of Aurora Welch

Finding Community Through OneLife

Aurora’s childhood was filled with abuse and abandonment. At thirteen she became a participant in Goodwill’s foster youth program. read full story

headshot of Ebony Pratt

Helping Communities Get Ahead

Ebony’s job at a nonprofit health clinic ended at the same time she enrolled in graduate school. She discovered an opportunity to participate in the “Getting Ahead” program that explores factors impacting poverty sponsored by The Partnership on Pr... read full story

headshot of Isaac Williams

Finding Opportunities through Skills Training

Without Goodwill’s help, I would probably still be going in and out of jobs. Goodwill has good, level-headed people who help you find opportunities. read full story

headshot of Ashley Bowman

Persevering Towards a Healthier Future

Ashley dropped out of high school and became involved with drugs. When she found out she was pregnant, she decided to go back to school and enrolled in Goodwill’s Access Center Adult High School in partnership with Forsyth Technical Community Coll... read full story

headshot of William Booker

Reintegrated into Society

William was justice-involved and needed some support to re-enter society. William participated in the EDGE program which ultimately led to a full-time job at Goodwill in the Recycling Department. William is happy with his job and says, “I’d like t... read full story

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