Trish, the mother of two young children with one on the way, was trying to get her life back together. She was on parole for drug charges when she came to Goodwill for help. Trish began participating in the NextGen Youth Services Program which emphasizes education and employment. She realized that getting her GED was the first step to achieving her dream of becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor. It would have been easy for Trish to give up on her dream, but she soon completed the High School Equivalency program. Trish wasted no time applying to take a Peer Support Specialist course offered by Goodwill in partnership with VAYA Health. To qualify for the Peer Support training, a candidate must be substance-free for at least nine months. Trish received the good news that she had been accepted to take the course and it would be paid for by NextGen. She has done so well in recovery that she was released from parole and her charges have been expunged.

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