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The Human Resources Department’s primary purpose is to support the goals and challenges of Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina. We achieve this by providing services that promote a work environment characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communication, trust and mutual respect. It is our responsibility to ensure that policies are effective and understandable, that benefits are in place to support our employees’ needs and that employee concerns are addressed quickly. We will seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the operating principals of our organization.

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Fast FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

What benefits are available at Goodwill?  Goodwill offers benefits to all full-time employees and continues to evaluate coverage based on measurements of average hours worked. Some part-time employees may also qualify for benefits. Benefit options include Medical, Vision Reimbursement, Prescription, Dental, Flexible Spending Account (Medical and Dependent care), Company-Paid Life Insurance, Voluntary Life Insurance (employee, spouse & children), 403b, Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage and Short Term Disability. Insurance deductions are pre-tax and employees may enroll within 30 days of hire or during our annual open enrollment period. Note: Once an employee enrolls in the medical plan, dental or flexible spending account (FSA)  he/she cannot drop/change coverage unless there is a qualifying event or during the annual open enrollment period. For a complete summary of benefits and more detailed information, view our Employee Benefits Summary. Goodwill also encourages healthy living and proactive health options as seen on Healthwise an employee wellness page.

Does Goodwill have an Employee Handbook? Yes, you can view the Employee Handbook here or ask your Manager for a copy.

Does Goodwill offer paid time off? Yes. Our plan combines non-working time (sick/vacation/holiday) into one group of paid hours (Paid Time Off or PTO). PTO must be approved through your supervisor and planning ahead is important to ensure department business needs are covered. The earnings rate varies based on years of service and details can be found in our Employee Benefits Summary under Paid Time Off.

What happens in case of inclement weather? Goodwill asks that employees use their best judgement. Always check in with your manager and notify them if you are staying home or running behind schedule. If you have PTO this will be used for your absence. PTO earning is based on hours and years of service that you work. Complete details can be found under Paid Time Off on our Employee Benefits Summary.

Can I apply for other jobs at Goodwill? Absolutely! Once you have worked at Goodwill for three months, employees may search jobs in UltiPro (Myself, My Company, View Opportunities). If you are interested, let your manager know. If your manager believes that your work performance and values merit a change in position, you should complete the online application. Your manager will contact the Hiring Manager in order to let them know that you have applied. You may also contact the Hiring Manager to express interest.

Does Goodwill offer additional training? Yes! Goodwill takes pride on offering their employees training and we encourage everyone to check the Training site frequently for up to date scheduled classes and courses.  Our intention is to help Goodwill staff be prepared to meet the needs of our customers, demonstrate our values and contribute to the success of Goodwill. By participating in training, we can prepare employees to better understand their role and personal attributes and struggles to encourage performing more effectively on their job.

What happens if I am having concerns or issues at work? Goodwill encourages open communication between employees and their Manager. Go to your Manager first and let your Manager try to fix the problem. If you have asked your Manager about the problem and they are unable to help, go to your Manager’s Manager. You can always come to Human Resources as well- talk to your Human Resource Generalist or call the general number and speak to Human Resources.

Does Goodwill offer introductory appraisals and annual increases? New employees are in an introductory period for three calendar months following their date of hire as a regular/non-temporary employee after which time the supervisor will perform and introductory appraisal.  Certain entry-level employees MAY receive a pay increase at their introductory appraisal however, increases are based on performance and are not normally given after three months. IF you are promoted to a new position, you will receive an introductory appraisal after three months or service in your new position. Annual increases (if any) are determined by a number of factors that Goodwill reviews each year. You are eligible for an annual increase if you were hired prior to February 1st and are not a temporary employee OR in a review period for a new position (should this be the case, your increase would be delayed until the end of that period).

What happens if I am ready to retire or leave Goodwill? Paperwork will be sent to you after your termination date. Many of your benefits will end on the last day of your employment. If you had benefits while employed at Goodwill, you will receive a Termination Letter which will explain what your options and responsibilities are. You are also welcome to speak with your Human Resource Generalist to get help.


Benefits Information

Our Employee Benefits Summary can be viewed here or you may request a hard copy from your Human Resources Generalist 

Medical UMR is our current medical carrier. Medical benefits begin the 1st day one month after your employment begins (ex: if you begin 01/04/18 your medical benefits will be effective as of 03/01/18). Goodwill also offers both a Non Enhanced and an Enhanced medical plan. The Enhanced medical plan has lower copays for employees who receive a yearly physical and return a completed Physician Confirmation Form (PCF) to Human Resources. New employees must submit a completed PCF by the 15th of the month before your benefits begin.  To continue Enhanced medical coverage, the PCF form must be completed every following year by the end of Open Enrollment. All Goodwill part time and full time regular (non-temporary) employees also have access to Teledoc® – a no cost program which gives employees access to medical advice 24/7 online or by telephone and medical information through the Teledoc® website. In addition to this, Goodwill employees also have voluntary access to RX Help Centers an advocacy firm that assists in finding ways to reduce your prescription costs.

Vision Goodwill offers a vision reimbursement plan (included in the Medical plan) which reimburses for $300 per covered member per year. Preventative vision care is covered 100% for children with a limit of 1 “hardware” item per child per year (glasses or a 1 year supply of contact lenses). Adults have an annual maximum of $300 for services and hardware. How does the Vision reimbursement plan work? Simple steps- Pay for your visit, save your receipt(s) from the visit and send in copies of the receipt(s) with a Vision Reimbursement Form. Claims must be filed within 6 months. The Vision reimbursement plan is not covered with your UMR Medical card unless your visit is for medical necessity (such as diabetes).

Prescription The prescription drug plan prices vary within the plan based on several factors. For a detailed explanation you can view the prescription information in our Employee Benefits Summary.

Dental Delta Dental is our current dental carrier. Dental insurance benefits begin the 1st day one month after your employment begins. Dental insurance is a separate deduction and can be elected with our without Medical insurance. You may visit any dentist however, by choosing a dentist that is participating in the Delta Dental network, your out of pocket costs will be lower. Once enrolled, you may print ID cards, check EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) and more here.

Frequently requested Medical/Vision/Dental forms:

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) A program that allows full time employees the opportunity to set money aside from each paycheck before taxes are taken out for Medical expenses and Childcare expenses. The FSA plan allows you to pay for certain expenses throughout the year in installments. During open enrollment, eligible employees are required to submit their yearly amount for the following year. If the determined fund amount(s) have not been used up by the end of each year, all except $500 will be forfeited. The FSA reimbursement form can be found here.  Employees can fax the form to the number on the sheet or email it with copies of their receipts to A complete description of the Flexible Spending Plan can be seen here. If you have any questions about the plan or are interested in how to enroll, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department or complete the FSA Enrollment Form and return it the Human Resources Department.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) The Employee Assistance Program is no cost to all part-time and full-time regular (non-temporary) Goodwill employees and spouse/children under 26. This program is fully paid by Goodwill in an effort to support employees’ health and well-being through basic telephone advice and consultation as well as referrals to local providers. For more information visit them at:

Employer Paid Accidental Death/Personal Loss Goodwill pays for Accidental Death and Personal Loss Coverage for all eligible, full-time employees. This coverage offers employees and their families financial benefits to help them after certain accidents or injuries. This is at no cost to the employee. Coverage reduces in benefit by 50% for employees who reach the age of 70.

Employer Paid Life Insurance Goodwill pays for life insurance plans for all full-time employees that work 30 hours a week or more at no cost to the employee. This policy will pay your beneficiary an amount equal to your full year’s salary with a maximum of $200,000 upon your death. Benefits reduce by 50% on the first of the month following your 70th birthday. All employees are required to complete a Beneficiary Form.

Voluntary Life Insurance This is a voluntary life insurance option that is entirely paid by the employee. Goodwill offers excellent rates through our group discount. During initial enrollment (anytime during the first 31 days after your hire date) the employee will receive a guaranteed issue amount for up to $200,000 for employees, up to $25,000 for spouses and up to $10,000 for children. Amounts over the guaranteed issue will require evidence of insurability, which may include specific medical questions and a medical exam.

For a detailed summary of the policies listed above click for the Voluntary and Basic Life Plan summary.

Tuition Assistance Goodwill encourages employees to pursue education related to their jobs. With prior approval from your supervisor, Goodwill reimburses full-time employees (with 6 months of service) 100% of appropriate tuition and book costs up to $2,000 annually for classes that are successfully completed.

403(B ) Retirement Savings Plan This allows employees to set money aside for retirement during their working years. Goodwill offers either a traditional pre-tax 403(b) or a Roth 403(b) savings program. Employees can enroll at any time by submitting an enrollment form and beneficiary forms to the Human Resources Department. Deductions will begin on the first possible payroll period following receipt of the forms. For your convenience, here are the most commonly requested forms:

Pension A pension plan is a retirement plan that includes funds contributed by the employer that will generate additional income to the employee when they retire. Goodwill contributes an equal amount to 10% of your annual salary to the pension plan for each eligible calendar year worked. Goodwill offers this benefit without cost or contribution to all eligible employees. However, employees are encouraged to consider contributing to increase their earnings.

What is the difference between our company 403(b) and the pension plan? The 403(b) is an individual account that you fund with your OWN money. All of the money is yours from the very beginning and you can enroll in the plan at anytime. The Pension plan is an account that is funded by the company on your behalf.

FMLA Leave (Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993) FMLA is a federal law which offers eligible employees up to 12 workweeks (26 in certain cases) of unpaid leave to cover qualifying absences. This law protects an eligible employee’s job, pay and benefits (ensuring return to the same or equivalent position) and allows continuation of health benefits. To be eligible for FMLA leave, an employee must have been employed with Goodwill for at least 12 months and for at least 1,250 hours during the 12 month period immediately preceding the commencement of the leave.

Short Term Disability Short Term Disability allows you to maintain a portion of your income in cases where you are unable to work for up to 12 weeks (based on an approved application and doctor certification). Goodwill’s Short Term Disability Plan is offered at no cost to all full-time regular employees on the first month following one complete year of employment based on the employee’s date of hire. The plan offers payments of 60% of your base wages up to a weekly maximum benefit, following a 7 day waiting period. Goodwill automatically uses available PTO to supplement your Short Term Disability coverage up to 100% of your base wages unless you contact the Payroll Department to indicate otherwise.

Long Term Disability Goodwill also provides Long Term Disability coverage to full-time regular salaried and administrative employees. If conditions are approved, benefits provide up to 60% of an employee’s base salary while you are disabled. Eligible employees will receive coverage starting on the first day of active work in the month following a three month waiting period. After an absence from work for 90 continuous days due to a disabling condition, you will receive up to 60% of your base pay up to $10,00 per month (with certain limitations and subject to application and approval process). The length of benefit is based upon a variety of factors.

If you feel you have questions about Short Term Disability and/or Long Term Disability or feel that you may need to discuss this as an option, please contact Diana Inglis directly at for steps on how to proceed.

Since not all of our employees can easily access the company intranet, Goodwill makes important documents about benefits such as summary plan descriptions and summary annual reports available on a public link. All of these documents can be printed.  If you are unable to view these documents and require them in a printed format email Kathryn Sears, Human Resources Manager: