Goodwill Meeting Services Winston-Salem

Goodwill Meeting Room Terms and Conditions
(Use by Partnering Organizations and Agencies)

The following terms and conditions apply to meeting rooms at Goodwill’s headquarters, 2701 University Parkway in Winston-Salem:

Goodwill meeting rooms are available to nonprofit organizations and other agencies that actively partner with Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina in the advancement of its mission. For-profit companies for which Goodwill has hosted a job fair are not considered active partners of Goodwill.

  • Goodwill’s meeting rooms are available during Goodwill’s normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Meetings held outside of these hours will be charged a usage fee of $150 per hour to cover additional costs of security and housekeeping. Meeting rooms are not available on weekends.
  • IT support is limited to Goodwill-provided equipment issues utilizing Teams and Zoom only. It is recommended that a presentation practice run is performed prior to the scheduled meeting time. To schedule a practice run or for IT support, please call (336) 724-3625 x14201.
  • Organization reserving the meeting space must also be the organization that is using the space.
  • Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event and are accepted no earlier than 90 days in advance of the event.
  • Room setup requests must be made prior to the event and any changes to setup must be confirmed with Goodwill’s marketing services manager at least one week prior to the event. See Meeting Room Seating Setups
  • A Goodwill Room Reservation Form (see below) must be completed for each reservation. Before submitting the agreement, partner agencies must verify partner status and confirm room availability with Vanessa Miller, Goodwill marketing services manager email, (336) 724-3621 x 11391. Reservations are not confirmed until the email confirmation is sent by Vanessa Miller.
  • Meetings for which there is an admission fee are not permitted.
  • Meetings which pertain to partisan governmental agencies or initiatives, or religious affiliations are not permitted.

Goodwill Meeting Room Policies

Organizations reserving space and meeting attendees must follow the policies below:

  • Access to the projector includes a laptop. Organizations are required to bring their presentations on USB or access them via the Internet on the Goodwill-provided laptop.
  • Attendees are not permitted to rearrange room setup unless approved by Goodwill housekeeping or the marketing services manager.
  • Food and beverages will not be provided by Goodwill, but light refreshments, coffee and box lunches may be brought in with prior approval. Vending machines are also available for meetings that need to break for refreshments. If coffee service is requested, there will be a charge of $2 per meeting attendee. Groups are responsible for supplies and prompt cleanup.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at any function held on Goodwill premises.
  • AV equipment is available in each meeting room. Goodwill/partner program staff are responsible for turning off all equipment before leaving the room. If equipment is left on, damaged, or missing, a minimum fee of $200 will be charged to help cover the substantial costs incurred by Goodwill to replace or repair the equipment.
  • All persons accessing the meeting rooms must display a Goodwill visitor badge or a company badge at all times.
  • All meeting attendees must park in the adjacent LJVM Coliseum parking lot. Parking is not permitted in any parking spaces marked “Retail”. All persons must enter and leave the building through the main lobby.
    An organization representative must be present in the main lobby to register meeting attendees and issue ID badges prior to the event.
  • Organizations using the space for the first time must complete a training and orientation session with Vanessa Miller prior to using the space.
  • The hanging, taping or otherwise adhering of posters or other materials on the walls of the meeting rooms is NOT permitted for any reason.
  • Goodwill does not charge for the use of Central Meeting Room or Self-Reliance Hall during regular business hours, but do ask that all groups using our facility show a two-minute video highlighting Goodwill’s mission at the beginning of their event. A link to the video is available on the desktop of the presentation laptop.
  • Meeting room safety guidelines—please review our Safety Guidelines for the use of Goodwill meeting rooms.