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Get the Facts: 5 Things You Should Know about Goodwill

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1. Goodwill is an independent nonprofit organization.

Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has been serving the local community for more than 90 years. Goodwill® consistently ranks among top charities that make your donations go further. We are one of 156 member agencies of Goodwill Industries International. Each agency is independently operated, funded, and guided by its own Board of Directors made up of volunteers from the community.

2. Goodwill stores fund programs that help people find jobs.

Goodwill stores exist to support Goodwill’s mission. Through the sale of quality items at affordable prices, our retail stores fund programs that help thousands of people each year find jobs and reach financial stability. For every dollar spent in our stores, 89 cents goes to support our mission and sustainability.

3. All Goodwill employees earn above minimum wage.

All of Goodwill’s 1,100+ employees earn greater than minimum wage. All employees earn $11/hour or more and they receive numerous benefits including a Money Purchase Pension Plan, health insurance, dental and vision coverage, paid time off, sales incentives, education reimbursement, and more. It’s a great place to work and we are always looking for dedicated people to join our team.

4. Our CEO and President is Barbara Maida-Stolle.

Like other nonprofits, Goodwill is governed by respected leaders and a volunteer Board of Directors who provide guidance and oversight. Goodwill isn’t “owned” by anyone. As our CEO, Maida-Stolle is accountable for the effectiveness of the organization. She manages 1,100+ employees, 50 stores, and 20 career centers, and is responsible for ensuring that one of the state’s largest nonprofits is able to fulfill its mission now and in the future. Goodwill’s Board of Directors reviews and sets Maida-Stolle’s compensation within the context of the organization’s revenues, responsible stewardship, services, and overall impact in the community.

5. You may know someone Goodwill has helped.

In the last year alone, Goodwill served more than 25,000 people in northwest NC. You may know one of the at-risk teenagers who we’ve helped get on the path to success, or maybe you’ve met one of the thousands of people who we helped find a job, or perhaps you know one of the veterans who received employment assistance. Regardless of situation, Goodwill believes that everyone deserves the right to live, learn, and work in our community with dignity and choice.