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Third Annual Color Me Goodwill Fashion Show Rocks the Runway

A standing-room-only crowd of approximately 450 people enjoyed a stunning, one-of-a-kind display of creative fashion design at Color Me Goodwill last Friday, April 28, at the Orange Peel. Six Asheville-based fashion designers presented collections made from clothing and textiles they had sourced from Goodwill stores, each based on an assigned color.
Audience votes awarded the first-place prize to the Pink Collection by Amanda Rose. Leanna Echeverri’s Green Collection was voted the runner-up. Other designers included Kristin Tidwell (Red), McKinney Gough (Sepia); Tricia Ellis (Blue); and Caleb Owolabi (Orange).
For the first time this year, Goodwill invited the Asheville Humane Society to participate in the program and promote pet adoption. Volunteers led adoptable dogs in a mini-runway show while the audience’s votes were counted. The furry models included puppies from a litter of nine, and Memphis, a female pit mix who dressed in an Elvis-style jumpsuit and wig.
This was the third year that Color Me Goodwill has been held in Asheville. The event celebrates Asheville’s fashion scene, which is known for eclectic styles that frequently use recycled and sustainable materials. Color Me Goodwill also highlights Goodwill’s mission; each collection included a model that had participated in one of Goodwill’s career service programs.
“It’s an awareness raiser about our workforce development programs,” Jaymie Eichorn, Goodwill’s vice president of marketing, told TV station WLOS. “When people shop in our stores, when people donate to us, the money goes to support training programs that help people find jobs.”
Many of the designers expressed how Color Me Goodwill is a reminder of the items that can be found at Goodwill stores – not just unique finds, but pieces that can be repurposed into something new. First-prize winner Amanda Rose said, “I think it’s important to show people examples of what can be done with pre-existing materials, a small budget and a little bit of imagination.”
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