Nancy, Employment Specialist

I liked the idea of being able to help others, and I like Goodwill’s reputation. It’s a very rewarding job.

Janice, Career Connections Specialist

I saw Goodwill of NWNC as an opportunity to expand on my knowledge of Workforce Development and assist others to change their lives for the better.

Debbie, Project Re-Entry Employment Specialist

I work for Goodwill of NWNC because my hope has been restored while being with this company. Every day I come to work humble and grateful for the opportunity to pay back to society for all that I once took. I now have the same desire that was shown to me by Goodwill; and that is to help my participants to recognize their own worth and potential. My goal is to help restore hope in others just like Goodwill once did for me.

Michael, Project Re-Entry Program Coordinator

Having been a Forsyth Technical Community College night school student here at Goodwill of NWNC in 2003, I began to understand the mission and saw value in that. When offered a position, I knew I wanted to serve this mission.

Rhonda, Employment Specialist

Goodwill of NWNC defines a clear direction for their employees. I’m committed. It’s my professional and personal choice to serve others.

Lisa, Career Connections Coordinator

After completing my internship, I knew I belonged here. My career has been fulfilling by helping people rise above their challenges and to help them find hope.

Lara, Retail Support Specialist

I specifically wanted a job with a company that was giving back to the community. I wanted my job to make a difference for others.

Richard, Employment Specialist

As a former client, I know first hand how much hope and opportunity our services provide. It is a feeling beyond exciting and fulfilling to know I can provide the same support, encouragement and opportunity that was provided to me — moving shoulder to shoulder with a team that feels the same way.

Laura, Corporate Donations Coordinator

I chose to work at Goodwill of NWNC because at this point in my life, I really wanted to work for an organization that truly helps people. I was amazed at the scope and breadth of the many programs and resources offered, and knew I wanted to be a part of making that happen!

Alyson, Career Connections Specialist

Goodwill’s mission is very realistic and motivating. Once I started at the Career Connections, I knew that I had found my career. Being able to make a difference in a person’s life is the most rewarding career you can ever have.