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Goodwill Healthwise Challenge

Saving for a rainy day can also include saving for future expenses you know come every year, such as the holidays!  Financial stress around the holidays can be tough.  The key is planning ahead and developing a budget for your holiday spending.  Saving a little along can ease the financial burden of the holidays, a season when we are supposed to be enjoying time with friends, family and loved ones.  We also know that for many, the holidays also bring feelings of loneliness, anxiety  and depression.  Please feel free to contact our EAP (see the attached brochure) for confidential sessions with a counselor to discuss what stressors you have this time of year.

It’s Financial Wellness Friday!

We hear about saving for a rainy day, so we are going to give away a few Goodwill umbrellas!  NOTE:  they are the cool, new inverted umbrellas that keep you drier than regular umbrellas!  J  Want one?  Here’s how you can be entered into a drawing:

Go to and enter a personal goal under the financial section about how you plan to reduce your financial stress during the holidays.

Everyone who enters a financial goal between now and November 30th will be entered into a drawing for a Goodwill umbrella!