Healthwise by Goodwill

Every day at Goodwill, our employees make a difference in the lives of people in need, serving with compassion and initiative.  It’s important that our employees also take time to care for themselves.

Some people are wary of wellness programs because they’re worried about being judged for unhealthy habits, or that the program is only for healthy, active employees.  But wellness means something different for everyone.  Wellness is about improving your all-around well-being in whatever ways are best for you where you are right now.  Even small changes can make a difference in your stress level, your confidence and your physical health.  Goodwill wants to help our employees be the best they can be so they can continue to serve others in our community.

Healthwise by Goodwill is a wellness community where employees can find support to set and achieve personal goals.  Wellness is about more than being physically fit.  It is a mindset where one intentionally pursues financial, physical, mental and social well-being.

The Next Wellness Challenge begins

December 1st – March 31st

Sharing all of our November winners!

Rose Marquinez   Reni Geiger   Fred Mock   Heather Lanfair

Joe Rizzi   Jessica Vess   Ann Comer   Tracy Bush

Employees can find resources to learn about lifestyle choices in four areas:



Financial Wellness


Tax Help for 2019 Gathering your information for tax season can sometimes be daunting, especially if you are not...

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Nutritional Wellness


Shake Up Your Tastebuds Who doesn’t love an easy recipe that is also healthy, allergy-friendly and almost feels like...

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Physical Wellness


Do You Hydrate in Winter Winter may seem like the time of year where drinking plenty of fluids is...

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Emotional Wellness


What Does “Emotional” Mean? Do you agree that the term “emotional” can mean several different things to people? It...

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