Get the Facts about Goodwill

FACT: The “Ryan Muncy” story circulating on Facebook does not pertain to any Goodwill operating in North Carolina.

A viral Facebook rumor claims that Goodwill wouldn’t give a person with a disability sweatshirts and work boots. This story, while largely false, refers to a situation that took place years ago in a Midwest Goodwill store.  Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC is an independent nonprofit offering programs that help people (of any ability) reach their greatest potential.

The “Ryan Muncy” story originated back in 2017 and has been reposted via social channels by dozens of people claiming to be Mr. Muncy’s parents. The original Facebook posting contained a number of inaccuracies and did not provide important context for the situation. However, we recognized the poster’s viewpoint and appreciated his desire to help. The young man was shopping with his case manager at a Goodwill store in a small Midwest town. They inquired about a voucher; however, that voucher program had limitations, as mentioned by the concerned Facebook poster. Specifically, the voucher was for adults over the age of 18 who are in an emergency situation. Its value was $50.

The young man did receive a voucher for his circumstances and both he and his case manager reported that they appreciated the service offered by the local Goodwill and the support from the person who chose to purchase additional clothing for him.



Your Local Goodwill

Each Goodwill organization is independent and provides services based on the unique needs of the community it serves. Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina offers employment and training programs that help more than 30,000 people each year find hope, opportunity and jobs. In addition, our Good Neighbor Program provides tens of thousands of dollars in financial assistance and vouchers each year.

We are grateful to members of the local community who support Goodwill’s mission and share the Goodwill story. More importantly, the people across northwest North Carolina who come to us for help appreciate your support which makes our mission possible.

Questions or Concerns?

Heard something else that concerns you about Goodwill? Uncover more facts about online rumors by visiting our Donate and Shop with Confidence page. Send us a note or give us a call: or 336-724-3621 ext 11394. We’re happy to talk about anything and everything we do. Once you know more about us, we’re sure you’ll be even more proud to shop or donate to Goodwill Industries of Northwest NC.