Welding: Basics & Beyond


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Have you ever wanted to learn how to weld? You are not alone! Welding is used in thousands of ways from creating art to building spaceships. Whether you are an… Read more »

Nursing Assistant II

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This course provides Basic Nursing Assistant II skills taught in accordance with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. Classroom, laboratory and clinical learning experiences are included. Tasks include oxygen therapy,… Read more »

HVAC Service Technician Level 1 & 2

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Complete your HVAC service training with this two-level course. Learn the dynamics of refrigeration and work with heat pumps, oil, gas, and electric furnaces. Receive CFC certification upon satisfactory completion… Read more »

Welding: TIG


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This is a one semester 48 hour course designed to train the student in the basic principles of TIG welding. Students will operate AC-DC transformer type welding machines. Studies will… Read more »

Unarmed Security Officer Training


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Would you like to work as an Unarmed Security Officer? In order to become a Security Officer in North Carolina, each applicant must meet minimum standards as set forth under… Read more »

Basic Construction Skills


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This 148-hour introductory program will instruct the student in the principles of residential and light commercial construction from the planning and beginning stages all the way to a completed structure…. Read more »

Electrical Lineworker


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The Electrical Lineworker Program is designed to train you to become entry-level electrical line worker for private and public utility companies and related employers. You will learn academic and field… Read more »

Veterinary Assistant Training: Advanced

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We will expand upon some of the small animal topics discussed in the Beginning Veterinary Assistant Course. Additional topics will include small animal chronic and frustrating diseases, prescription diets, evaluating… Read more »

Veterinary Assistant Training: Beginning

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Learn the basics of working in a veterinary hospital. Course topics include canine and feline anatomy and physiology, reproduction, nutrition, restraint and handling, infectious and metabolic diseases, prevention health, first… Read more »