Welding: TIG


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This is a one semester 48 hour course designed to train the student in the basic principles of TIG welding. Students will operate AC-DC transformer type welding machines. Studies will include heat ranges, polarities, and the use of wire electrodes and shielding gases. Welding will be performed on mild steel and aluminum l in flat,… Read more »

Basic Construction Skills


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This 148-hour introductory program will instruct the student in the principles of residential and light commercial construction from the planning and beginning stages all the way to a completed structure. The course will cover HRD, NC State Building Codes, OSHA Construction Safety, and blue print reading. Classroom and hands-on training will include electrical and plumbing… Read more »

Electrical Lineworker


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The Electrical Lineworker Program is designed to train you to become entry-level electrical line worker for private and public utility companies and related employers. You will learn academic and field skills necessary for entry-level workers. Safety is stressed in every aspect of the job. This program is approved for national certification by the National Center… Read more »

Notary Public Education


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This course is designed to provide instruction to individuals who want to become commissioned as a Notary Public.  Topics include legal, ethical and procedural requirements for the Notary Act.  Upon completion of this course with a passing Exam grade of at least 80%, a person is eligible to apply with the NC Secretary of State… Read more »

Housekeeping/Floor Care Services


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Provides classroom and work experience training in the areas of safety and OSHA regulations, measurements and chemicals, and specialization in the areas of hospitality, housekeeping, food service sanitation, commercial and industrial housekeeping. Training consists of 20% classroom and 80% “hands on” with different types of pads, equipment and strategies to give the student basic knowledge… Read more »

Facility Maintenance Technician


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Gain technical skills in carpentry, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and OSHA Safety. Learn customer service and apartment maintenance skills, including major appliance repair and pool operation. Note: Visit Forsyth Tech Community College website for additional information;  www.ForsythTech.edu/ewd  or contact the Customer Service Center at 336-734-7023        

Electrical: Installation and Troubleshooting

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Learn the principles of electrical installation and repair. Learn to install new electrical circuits and equipment. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and should have the necessary training to be eligible for an entry-level position with an electrical contractor. Note: This is an introductory class.

Forklift Training


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Provides training in the safe and proper operations of powered industrial trucks. Special emphasis placed on safety in the workplace. Upon completion, students will receive an Operator’s Permit and Certificate of Completion.