ABE Lab (Adult Basic Education)


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The Adult Basic Education program will build skills in reading, writing, problem-solving, and math computation to help adults function in society, on a job or in the family.  This program will build a foundation for further education and better employment opportunities.  These classes are designed to instruct students on life-long skills that are vital for… Read more »

Resume Workshop


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Do you need a resume? If you have one, is it working for you?  Have you obtained an interview? Let’s work together to make sure you are highlighting all of your KSA’s:   Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

Notary Public Education


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This course is designed to provide instruction to individuals who want to become commissioned as a Notary Public.  Topics include legal, ethical and procedural requirements for the Notary Act.  Upon completion of this course with a passing Exam grade of at least 80%, a person is eligible to apply with the NC Secretary of State… Read more »

Jump Start (one-day workshop)


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Students will learn the basics of resume writing, interviewing, application completion (online and paper) as well as  aptitude assessments